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“It’s true! Music does make students smarter and this study proves it!” reads the headline from a Classic FM post summarizing a recent article published by music education scholars Martin Bergee and Kevin Weingarten in the Journal for Research in Music Education. It sounded intriguing enough, so I took the bait and am now left wriggling on the hook of yet another response to harmful narratives that perpetuate damaging notions of white supremacy in music education. …

Image credit: Giulia Forsythe

Being a cisgender Mexican American man who also hovers around the (Q)uiet periphery of the LGBT community has caused me (almost daily) to examine many of my intersecting identities, oppressions, and privileges while navigating the overwhelmingly white world of music education. For example, as a Mexican American in academia I occupy a spot within the .2 percent of mi gente that have a graduate degree. In music education, I am part of an even rarer breed of “Hispanic” scholars that make consistent contributions to academic literature in the profession. As with many of us tucked away in this small corner…

Christopher Mena

Antiracist music teacher, consultant, and PhD candidate living in the Pacific Northwest.

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